Kopf: Kubernetes Operators Framework

Please do not use Kopf, it is a nightmare of controller bad practices and some of its implicit behaviors will annihilate your API server. The individual handler approach it encourages is the exact opposite of how you should write a Kubernetes controller. Like fundamentally it teaches you the exact opposite mindset you should be in. Using Kopf legitimately has taken years off my life and it took down our clusters several times because of poor code practices on our side and sh***y defaults on its end. We have undergone the herculean effort to move all our controllers to pure golang and the result has been a much more stable ecosystem. /Jmc_da_boss/

Think twice before you step into this territory. You were warned!

And now, after this honest and so far the best summarizing and publicly available feedback, comes the Dark Side (with cookies) 😈

First steps:

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